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What a journey it has been – what a future it can be

Posted in: News | On: April 18th, 2016 | by Bridges To Belonging Waterloo Region

What a journey it has been – what a future it can be.
Thanks to the ongoing support of people like you, Facile Waterloo Region has been growing since our inception in 2010. But nothing could compare to the past year.
Evie's PathIn the spring of 2015, we began a two year project funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. With this project, and a growing recognition of the possibilities that stem from our work, we have nearly tripled the number of individuals and families we serve, and more than doubled our team of talented and passionate Independent Facilitators.
Over 50 new individuals have been served this year, and every day we are energized by the positive steps each one is making towards their ideal future: new friends, new jobs, new volunteering roles, new homes – new possibilities.
We are more committed than ever to seeing our work become more accessible in our community.

Which leads us to our future.
This March our Steering Committee completed an exciting and ambitious Strategic Plan, paving a way forward to improve and expand our support for people with unique abilities. We are calling this way forward Our Promise:
20160329_102948Our Vision – Waterloo Region is a community where everyone belongs – where we value meaningful relationships, honour choices and dreams, and celebrate the uniqueness of each person.
Our Mission – Through meaningful relationships, we support you to build on your unique abilities, to create the life you want in the community.
Our vision – a community where everyone belongs – and our mission – supporting you to create the life you want – reflects the promise we are making to our community. To make good on this promise, we will be embarking on some big changes, each supporting us to fulfill Our Promise with the individuals and families we serve.
In the not-too-distant future, you will be seeing Facile:

  • Adopting a new name and brand that better reflects who we are and the impact we seek to make
  • #WEbelongLABELaWEBLaunching a new community advocacy campaign later this spring called “We Belong”, boldly challenging Waterloo Region to take action on inclusion and belonging
  • Refining and sharing our ideas and practice with new resources and workshops
  • Launching a peer-led group in support of parents, as they support their children create the life they want
  • Launching as an independent, incorporated not-for-profit organization, and seeking charitable status with the CRA.

While each of these initiatives are big, this last point – launching as an independent organization – is a really big one for us. We have been generously supported for several years by Extend-a-Family, who brought Facile Waterloo Region under their umbrella, providing us with administrative support, and under their charitable status we were able to process charitable donations.

Now is the time to support Our Promise.
As Facile Waterloo Region grows, the organization needs go grow with it, which is why it’s time for us to incorporate our organization. This step is not without its challenges. Applying for and receiving charitable status from the CRA can take up to, and sometimes over, 12 months. That means that once we incorporate, we won’t be able to provide a tax receipt for your donations.
That’s why we are asking for your help today. We have big plans to build a community where everyone belongs, where everyone values meaningful relationships, honours choices and dreams, and celebrates the uniqueness of each person. To do this, we need the financial support of our community – and people like you.
We are inviting you to help us launch this new period of our organization with a generous donation to help us deliver on Our Promise. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Yours in inclusion,
Cameron Dearlove
Executive Director

YES! I want to make a donation to Facile and support people in my community to live full and independent lives.

ThankYouTo donate by cheque:
Please make cheques payable to:
Extend-A-Family/Facile (Facile is generously hosted by Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region, Charitable Registration Number: 13278 4943 RR 0001) and mail to: 65 Hanson Ave, Kitchener, N2C 2H6

To donate online:
Please visit
To make sure your donation is eligible for a tax receipt, please donate by May 15!
Thank you! Facile is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information about our current and potential donors.

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