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Independent Facilitation: A Parent’s Story

Posted in: Bridges To Belonging | On: October 31st, 2016 | by Bridges To Belonging Waterloo Region

At age 21 our daughter Kelsey finished her high school program. Where she had been spending her days in school, we were unable to find any suitable/affordable day programs for her to fill her now empty days. I was working part-time as a PSW the hours she was attending school, however, as she needs support throughout the day, I had to leave my job because it didn’t make sense to hire help for her.

For the next two years we were home together with little to do. This made her even more dependent on me which I found overwhelming. Our family was not in a very good place.

We were then contacted by Bridges to Belonging about Independent Facilitation. This became a life line for my daughter.

The Independent Facilitator met with her and they discussed her interests, life goals, and how to achieve them. The Independent Facilitator’s attitude was upbeat and “anything was possible”. Together they researched programs and volunteer positions in our community.

Over a year later our lives have completely changed. My daughter now has a very full life. She went from killing time at home to being out of the house every Monday to Friday. She has a volunteer position that she works at two half days a week. The rest of the days she is in day programs.

photo-kelseys-storyRecently I asked her about all of the changes now that she has an Independent Facilitator in her life. Her response? She told me that she now “has a life” because someone is in her corner, helping her figure out what the world has to offer her. She considers her volunteer position “a job” – something she never thought she would have. The two people in charge of her volunteer program constantly tell me how pleased they are with her work ethic and that she is a joy to have around. This makes her so proud (and her parents too).

As a parent I have watched her blossom over the past year. She is happy, her mood is better, and she is so much more independent. As she is now off in the day to her job, I have been able to go back to work myself! 

Our family now sees a light at the end of what was once a very dark tunnel. We see hope and a future ahead instead of darkness. I cannot stress enough how important Bridges to Belonging and Independent Facilitation is for us and other families.

Our thanks to Desiree and Kelsey for sharing this story!


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  1. Brenda Green says:

    What a wonderful story! We had the opportunity to meet Kelsey and her mom and dad a few years ago. What a fabulous family. We wish we could see them more often, but we live so far apart. The love they show to each other is amazing.

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