What We Believe

facilewrOur Vision

Waterloo Region is a community where everyone belongs – where we value meaningful relationships, honour choices and dreams, and celebrate the uniqueness of each person.

Our Mission

Through meaningful relationships, we support you to build on your unique abilities, to create the life you want in the community.

Our Values

  1. Choice: The opportunity to choose
  2. Uniqueness: The individuality of each person
  3. Relationships: Social networks and friendships are critical for healthy well being
  4. Full Citizenship: Valued membership of community
  5. Respect: Mutual respect and kindness for all
  6. Collaboration: We value partnership – working well together with others
  7. Inclusion: Full involvement in community for all

Principles that guide our work

  1. Strengths-based approach: Building on strengths and gifts
  2. Community as a first resort:  Accomplishing the dream
  3. Person-Directed:  Ensuring that the individual drives the process
  4. Supported Decision Making:  Honouring and supporting a person in making their decisions
  5. Self-Determination:  Assisting to make genuine choices, providing intentional planning
  6. Active Community Partners:  Engaging families/loved ones  and networks in the journey
  7. Innovation and Adaptability:  Offering creative facilitation to support the uniqueness of each person
  8. Learning Opportunity: Ensuring the learning process is mutual and reciprocol for everyone involved in the process
  9. Citizenship:  Honouring the democratic right of people to fully participate in their community
  10. All of our work is based on respect which means:
    1. Listening deeply
    2. Understanding
    3. Learning from each other
    4. Acting with kindness


Originally called Facile: Independent Facilitation Waterloo Region, we were launched as an initiative of The New Story Group in 2010 to assist people with disabilities and their families to plan for and build a good life in community. In 2016 we changed our name to Bridges to Belonging Waterloo Region, to reflect our continued focus on building a community where everyone belongs. In 2018, Bridges to Belonging merged with Planned Lifetime Networks to add their Personal Support Networks and Future Planning Supports services to our organization.

Bridges to Belonging is a member of the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN) and is an affiliate of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN).

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