Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project

From 2015 to 2017, Bridges to Belonging will be supporting 85 more people with developmental disabilities, helping them to identify and work towards their life goals and to become more connected to their communities.

FionaThe new funding for Bridges to Belonging to provide independent facilitation support to 85 additional people is part of a 27 month Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project. The money is part of $810 million in new funding for developmental services announced in the 2014 Ontario Budget, and is part of the Ministry of Community and Social Service’s ongoing efforts to transform Social Services in Ontario.

Individuals wishing to access this support can do so through their local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office. For individuals who do not obtain funded support, there are other options: Passport funding up to $2,500 annually and personal or family funds can also be used to purchase supports from Bridges to Belonging.