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be-at-home-logoBe At Home provides creative housing supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families who are looking to make the next move in their life. Whether it be living on your own or with someone in a shared living environment, Be At Home can help you imagine a plan for, and find a living situation that works for you.

Our Creative Housing Coordinator will work with you and your family to find the supports you need to move forward on housing options that respects your choice, voice, security and safety.

Through a person-directed approach the Creative Housing Coordinator guides you along your path to achieve your long-term housing goals by supporting you with:

  • Networking with potential housemates
  • Negotiating living arrangements among families
  • Mapping third party supports and services to transition from your current home into a place to call your own
  • Developing meaningful supports and networks

“As Steph would say, ‘I like small steps.’ In this way, Steph’s independent housing journey is a work in progress, taking time and thoughtful planning.” ~ Barb Prysnuk, Parent

Choosing where and with whom we live with is important to us all

evieBe At Home also offers print materials and other resources that can assist with the next move in your life. Learn more about living on your own and supports to help you with the stages of your housing goals.

“It is with nervous anticipation that I look forward to Alison achieving her dream of moving into a home of her own with a supportive roommate or two of her choosing. The key thing is finding a good fit for roommates. I don’t expect that the first thing we try will be the last. It will be a learning and growing experience.” ~ Lorna Aberdeen, Parent

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